About Us

Earth Society is a non-profit organization formed by a team of individuals who are passionate about environmental protection. The management committee includes experienced environment activists such as former Green club Teacher-in-charge and former student leaders from NUS SAVE (Students Against Violation of the Earth), the main student environmental organization in NUS.

We have been studying on Global Warming and Solutions to Climate change since 2008. We based our studies on International reports such as UN reports/ NASA reports/ WWF reports and WWI reports.

We share information from our studies freely with schools / companies/ organizations/ NGOs.

We strongly believe that when the people are well-informed, many people would make some lifestyle changes to reduce global warming and preserve the food and water resources of the planet.

So what do we do?

To spread environmental awareness, we conduct FREE Assembly talks/ Seminars on Global Warming (and other environmental matters) in Primary, Secondary schools and Tertiary Institutes.

We also conduct Environment Seminar/ Workshops for companies and organizations.

Our talks/workshops are 30mins/ 45mins/ 1hr in length according to the time allocated to us.

To date, we have conducted more than 100 talks in schools, companies and interested organizations.

We also participate actively in environment exhibitions, green forums and eco-events. Society members set up and manned booths during green events to share information on climate change/ environmental protection with event participants.


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